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Magnum Technology offer includes wide range of  shock absorbers, suspension springs, gas springs and assembly elements.  
Creating Magnum Technology spare parts range, the company paid special attention to quality requirements and high technical parameters for those products.
Bumping force and work characteristics of Magnum Technology  shock absorbers are made equal to those used for the first assembly,  what makes them reliable for a long time and meet the highest quality requirements, even when used in the hardest conditions. As a result we ...

Ref. no: A7B016MT
Name: Mc Pherson column cushion

Publication date: 2015-04-16

Ref. no: A9I001MT
Name: Shock absorber assembly kit

Publication date: 2015-02-25

Magnum Technology suspension springs include wide range offer of standard and heavy duty springs for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. ...

Spheres and regulators are main element of pneumatic suspension witch guarantee unique comfort and safety. Magnum Technology offer. ...

Magnum Technology supplies oil and gas shock absorbers what makes an offer of over 1000 refferences for passenger cars. ...

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