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Magnum Technology is a specialist in vehicle shock absorption, and attention to quality and details allow the brand to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The know-how and innovative manufacturing processes of Magnum spare parts are a guarantee, that they are produced with a view to being fully functional from the very beginning.

They are produced with high precision using the latest technology and, thanks to the Magnum’s long-standing experience, its vast product range meets stringent safety and quality standards.

Magnum products are already applied in thousands of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.


Magnum cares for the comfort and safety of each and every vehicle owner. Before the parts are delivered to the Customer, they undergo a series of processes and tests. All the Magnum factories and production lines meet strict quality control standards.

Qualified employees ensure that only top quality materials are used in the manufacturing process. In developing the company’s product range, its specialists carefully analyse the market, taking into consideration the demand and the requirements of a wide group of customers.

Magnum puts emphasis on dynamics, both with respect to the driving experience and in the process of extending its product range. Magnum’s advanced technology creates foundations which guarantee safety and a growing number of satisfied drivers.


Quality is a form of perfection.  Due to extensive efforts of our laboratory, we constantly define new targets. Cooperation with the laboratory at each stage of product verification influences the quality of the final product.

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Tec Doc

All Magnum products are available in the TecDoc catalogue, which is a kind of spare parts encyclopaedia. In addition to listing the company’s products, it contains photos, drawings and technical sketches with detailed product descriptions.

In order to meet customer expectations in many European countries, Magnum is available in TecDoc.

TecDoc Data supplier – official database, where the biggest market players are to be found, which proves the brand’s recognition on the European market.



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