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A shock absorber is the key element of a car frame. Its operation has a huge influence on the comfort and safety of driving, and consequently, on driving a vehicle. Shock absorbers prevent vibrations resulting from uneven road surface from being transferred to the driver’s cabin. The Magnum shock absorber ensures comfort of driving and robust tyre grip and stability.



The damping system absorbs the energy that comes from an uneven road surface and neutralizes it. Only a fully operational system is a guarantee of full comfort and safety. In case of improper operation, the wheels can lift off the ground and lose grip. As a result, the braking distance is longer, and the driver and passengers are put in danger.

A defective damping system directly affects the operation of the ABS, ASR or ESP systems, and results in a faster wear and tear of the suspension elements.

The Magnum shock absorbers provide top comfort of driving and proper response in extreme situations on the road. They ensure keeping the right track, and in case of emergency braking, they provide the right response of all systems.

The Magnum shock absorbers meet all strict standards and requirements for the modern suspension systems. Before being delivered to the Customer, they are a subject to a strict quality control process.