Passenger cars offer range


Comprehensive product range of Magnum also features upper mounts and MacPherson struts. It is another element of shock absorption system of a car, which has influence on the safety and comfort of driving.

A MacPherson strut joins the shock absorber to the car frame. Thanks to this, manoeuvring and turning is much more precise, and the quality of driving is improved. The shock absorber bearing makes it possible for the MacPherson strut to move, and that is why with worn shock absorber bearings we can feel extra resistance when turning the steering wheel. Additionally, we might hear some strange noises inside the cabin.

Properly working bearings decrease the noise level and reduce vibrations in the car. It is especially noticeable on the steering wheel. They also extend the life of a shock absorber and other elements of the suspension.

The selection of top quality elements of the upper MacPherson strut offered by Magnum is a guarantee of precision and reliability in driving a car.