Passenger cars offer range


The Magnum range includes air suspension modules, air suspension springs and compressors.

Air suspension is mainly used in premium class cars, increasingly popular SUVs and off-road vehicles..

This technology is designed to provide optimal vibration and shock reduction, while increasing driving comfort.

The advantage of this type of solution is also maintaining constant ground clearance of the car, regardless of the load.

When driving on uneven toads or off-road terrain, the car's suspension height can be adjusted immediately to adapt to the surface. The system offers the possibility of increasing / decreasing the car's ground clearance, depending on what is needed.

Air suspension components for passenger cars are the latest product group introduced to the Magnum range..

In cooperation with professional factories, manufacturing on the cutting edge, we offer products that meet all customer expectations.

Precision during production process and the use of top quality components by specialists with many years of experience in the field of air suspension components are Magnum's quality guarantee.