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Protective elements are often neglected, and their role seems to be underestimated.

Unjustifiably, as this is also thanks to them that the lifetime of a part is extended. One has to remember to replace the dampers and boots with every change of shock absorbers and coil springs. Covering elements protect the chrome-coated surface of the shock absorber piston rod from being damaged and shield them from external factors such as dust, stones, humidity, dirt and road salt.

The above-mentioned impurities may cause corrosion of the piston rod. Apart from shock absorbers, also coil springs protect the suspension system from being overloaded, being a part of the vibration damping system.

Shock absorber dust covers and dampers by the Magnum brand are manufactured from top quality materials with a microcellular structure. Dust covers are made of a thermoplastic material or rubber, whereas dampers are made of polyurethane or rubber. They provide high resistance to mechanical damage and stay flexible irrespective of weather.

All the products by the Magnum brand meet the strictest quality standards.

When Magnum cares for durability and reliability of suspension elements - the user saves time and money.