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A coil spring makes a perfect match with a shock absorber, both elements complementing one another’s operation. It differs from a shock absorber in that it absorbs energy and in the way it operates.

A coil spring is the most popular solution applied in passenger cars. It mainly results from the fact that it has a very simple construction and is very compact.




This simple mechanism is based on the general rule of extending a spring when driving on uneven surfaces and compressing it when driving on bumpy roads. All this makes coil springs important from the road safety point of view.

The most frequent malfunction of the springs is their cracking. Usually, a crack appears on the last coil of the spring. A warning sign can be e.g. noises from the suspension on acceleration, on braking or when making turns on the road. The main causes of cracks are corrosion and extensive load.

During the manufacturing process, the Magnum springs undergo a series of detailed tests, following strict quality control standards. At Magnum, we do know how important a proper selection of materials used for the production of springs is. We use top quality steel, resistant to premature wear and tear, conduct fatigue tests, check bending forces and material hardness, verify its composition and structure.

We do all this to deliver a reliable product that will work in all conditions, even the most extreme ones.