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This product group, despite being theoretically and visually close to suspension shock absorbers, is kept separate as it has much different characteristics and application. Semi-trailer shock absorbers are linked to a manufacturer and type of an axle used in a trailer irrespective of its manufacturer.

Being elements of a pulled part of a vehicle, semi-trailer shock absorbers are often underestimated by users. Undeservedly, as they transfer a huge part of the loads resulting from the weight of transported products. Apart from providing a suitable damping force, semi-trailer shock absorbers must also have a durable construction and robust mounting elements. The shocks absorbers sometimes also serve as axle limiters.

Semi-trailer shock absorbers must be selected from the catalogue and in line with their application and use. Sometimes seemingly unimportant differences in dimensions have a huge influence on the quality of operation, as well as on the durability of a given element. In some cases, assembly in a particular position is required.