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One has to remember that leaf springs - despite being replaced by air springs (bellows) in some vehicles - are still a must when operating in extremally hard conditions. This particularly relates to special-purpose vehicles used for transporting heavy loads or intended for operation in difficult conditions e.g. at construction sites. Such loads can be only carried by a properly manufactured traditional leaf spring.

Leaf springs have a seemingly simple design, but in fact they do require high precision of workmanship at forming proper shapes, top quality materials for production and proper heat and chemical treatment. Only proper steel and treatment processes can ensure that a leaf spring will keep its top parameters for many years.

Magnum also offers leaf springs for commercial vehicles, semi-trailers and delivery vans.  The comprehensive product range of the Magnum brand also features various elements of leaf springs, i.e.: silent blocks, shackles, spacing pads, rubber mounts, repair kits and fitting elements.